Providing effective professional service is a challenging goal. To achieve this goal as public accountants, we must observe and apply critical values to our core competencies and use proven methods to deliver our service.


Adhering to values of integrity, objectivity, quality, consistency, dedication, and others are imperative to the practice of public accounting. Recently publicized audit failures reinforce the importance of this principle. We are committed to practicing public accounting while being centered on these important values.

Core Competencies
We have limited our practice to services which are aligned with our core competencies. These competencies include audit and accounting, income tax, business advisory, and low-end accounting software technology.

Service Delivery
We prefer a high degree of interaction with our clients because close interaction facilitates efficiency and accuracy.

We utilize advanced technology, especially in areas of audit and tax. We document our financial statement audit and review work using a paperless engagement software system. We prepare income tax returns using one of the premier tax preparation software systems available. As an example, we offer an individual tax client a unique capability to input tax information into a web-based electronic income tax organizer.

We choose to provide services using experienced professionals. This enhances our service capability, promotes efficiency and quality, and boosts client confidence.

Service Effectiveness
Indications of the effectiveness of our services include the following:

  • As a result of our most recent peer review, we received an unmodified report. Click on the following link and enter Firm # 10123322 to obtain a copy of our most recent peer review report and the related letter of acceptance by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

  • Client references: please contact us for references.

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